How to write a resume?
By Admin

A resume is a marketing document that “can serve as a magnet to draw job opportunities to you,” said Susan Ireland, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume.”

The resume has to be simple. Not more than two pages . A good resume gets read in 10 secs . The person who looks at your resume should easily understand for who you have worked and what that company does.

Start your resume with a short summary of who you are and how do you fit for the job opening listed in the company.

Stick to traditional font of times new roman 9 to 12 size and black tye against a white paper, avoid fancy layouts .You can use different size for your name and companies you have worked and years of experience . The resume should be in a simple word format which can be viewed on most computer rather than table format.

Always list the present job first and then the previous companies . Mention the full name of the company you worked , years of experience , position which you worked for and the month and year you stayed there. Don't forget to mention the accomplishments you got from the employer .

Avoid giving a summary of personal information , for e.g : father name , mother name, spouse details.

You can also include your linked in profile link in your resume.You don't have to use bullet points , you can be more narrative  and even more causal.

Your resume is about your future and not about your past so highlight experience that are most relevant to the position which you have applied .There might be a background check so mention the correct details of the companies you worked.

If you are a very recent graduate then mention your school percentage and college percentage . The older you are , less necessary is to list the year you graduated .Ensure that you resume is easy to read on screen and on a printed paper.Make sue your resume is compatible with old version of Microsoft Word.