Choosing a right job offer
By Admin

In today’s job market choosing a right job offer is often confusing. If you are lucky enough to have multiple job offers to choose from, it can be a challenging and stressful to decide which job is the right one. The toughest part of the job hunt is getting an offer and selecting the right one is even more challenging.

It is best to start your job search with the list of criteria in hand. Once you begin to receive offers you can verify with the list and choose the one that fits your search list. One of the most common mistakes people make is they select a job based on money.

If money is not your consideration then give importance to the people. It’s your boss, team, superior that you are going to meet daily and work with them. It is the surrounding that matters a lot for a peaceful work environment. It is difficult to judge a person at a glance but consider the situation in interview process, how did they treat you, did they question you about your personal and professional life? If you can find the answers to these questions then you can imagine how they will treat you as an employee. Consider a situation in which a person gets a call from a company, it is just a 4 min interview and then they hang up and after 10 days again the person gets the call , they question him for about 15-20 mins and end up giving him an offer. Do you think it is right to take up this job??  No, someone who hardly spends 15 mins and considers you fit into his team cannot be a good supervisor to hear your concerns. The most important factor in long term satisfaction of job is the relationship between employee and direct supervisor. If you are not happy at the organization, you most likely will not perform the best of your ability.

Have a focus on your future. Design you career path and the advantages of taking the current position. Also think if the company gives you opportunity to build your own skills .Don’t just judge a company by its employee benefits. Some companies offer employee perks like health insurance, retirement and flexible spending plans, it means that the company is competitive and doing well financially. If a company doesn’t offer benefits package, it implies that it is small and developing.

Finally after considering all the factors, choose a company where you feel you have a long term position. Many people do not consider their growth within the organization. Therefore think about the people who interviewed you and see if you can fit in that company for long-term. If you are planning to work only for short term then you can consider salary, designation. These factors will be useful for you to get into higher levels in the next company .People often say that when buying a house and you walk into one house you will feel it, same way when you walk out of interview and everything seems right, consider that feeling.